My name is Irvin Garcia, graduate of AB Political Science in Ateneo de Davao University, a resident in Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. Before my dream was to become a Lawyer then I got a sudden shift of interest in to Information Technology. By then I start researching on different World Wide Web fundamentals and techniques until I landed on a job as a Web Designer and Front End Web Developer. Years pass I was able to develop more on my skills as this technology never stops evolving.

As this has become my passion, and as I always intend to improve more. I still got time to travel, be with friends, and attend to my hobbies like sports and entertainment. Most of my idle time is to watch some movies and TV show. Music is also a part of it.

Back to my profession as what this site is all about. I am more on a Front End Web Developer guy. I do designs also for Web and UI/UX depending on my task. For the past years I was able to develop more than 40 Websites, some of it are static page(HTML/CSS) and some of it are dynamic(PHP). Mostly my works recently are converting PSD files into a working Wordpress Platform Websites, I was able to learn it all by myself with the wide resources available on the internet so everything you want to learn is all up there.

- Little Internet Devil